Livewell Care, Inc. Service Team

Getting to know us. Companies are made of a collection of people's stories. We have outlined below short bios of our team. We are here from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and ready to serve and grow.

Meet our Livewell Care family….

Dorika Beckett

Chairman & CEO

Ms. Beckett has an extensive 17-year work experience in senior level management and leadership positions (Senior Manager, Chief Executive and Chair of the Board of Directors) at various start-up and early stage companies. She enjoys being an entrepreneur most of all and working to build excellent teams of people who have limitless thinking. She has lived and worked in the USA, Europe and Africa as a management consultant, investment banker, venture capitalist, entrepreneur and manager.

Ms. Beckett is currently CEO of Livewell Care, Inc., a diversified healthcare services solutions provider based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to that, Ms. Beckett was the Chief Operating Officer of SkillJam Technologies, an online software development company. Ms. Beckett was a co-founder of eGamesGroup, Inc., an online game software developer, that was later acquired by a NASDAQ-listed company. Previously, Ms. Beckett was a founding Partner of the New Africa Opportunity Fund (a $120 million private equity fund investing in Southern Africa) and Senior Consultant at Monitor Consulting Group. Ms. Beckett is a Board of Trustee at Westside Neighborhood School, a K-8 independent school in Los Angeles, Founding Board member of Imani Baraka Foundation with a focus on educating the next generation of African leaders, and is President of Vizx Corporation, a holding company based in Los Angeles California.

Ms. Beckett received an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Justin Beckett

Vice Chairman

Mr. Beckett is a founding member of the Livewell Care, Inc. management team and represents over 25 years of diverse entrepreneurial and business management experience. He is currently the CEO of Engage Play Technologies and was previously CEO of Fluid Music Inc. (now Mood Media). Mr. Beckett's additional for profit board positions include Mood Media (TSX:MM), Midas Medici (OTCBB:MMED) and Aptilon (TSX:APZ).

In his non profit capacity Mr. Beckett is chairman of Generosity Water, the Tighe Scholarship Fund, vice chairman of the Imani Baraka Foundation and a board member of Oasis Christian Center.

Mr. Beckett received an undergraduate degree from Duke University.

John Mamboleo

Healthcare Staffing Division President, ATC-West

Mr. Mamboleo is the company's head of the healthcare staffing division and a senior recruiter, he is one of the company founders and is responsible for all recruitment, sales, and operational activities and has been key to the phenomenal growth experienced over the last 7 years. Mr. Mamboleo is a great people person and is passionate in his work and a master in developing strategic business relationships. He has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and has worked in various management capacities in building businesses. He holds a Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management from Moi University, Kenya.

Born in Kenya, Mr. Mamboleo brings his vast international experience to the company, he now lives in Los Angeles and is a great sports fan, soccer (futbal) being his greatest passion, he also enjoys motor sports, biking, football, running and skiing.

Maebel Tan, RN, bsn

Director Of Nursing, ATC West

Ms. Tan has over 10 years experience as a registered nurse with specific experience as a staff RN, Traveler and Per Diem nurse. She was awarded her BSN from Binghamton University, New York.

Jette Uy de Ong

Recruitment Manager, ATC-West

Jette has over 7 years experience in the healthcare staffing and recruitment industry with over 7 years working with Livewell Care in various capacities including staffing, credentialing, travel nurse recruiting and is now the company's Manager of Recruitment.

Derrick DeRoon

Senior Recruiter, ATC-West

Derrick is an entrepreneur and manager with 20 years experience in executive, operational, and business management and has founded or co-founded a string of successful contracting and property development/management companies. He has 3 years experience in the healthcare industry with a focus on sales and recruitment. He has a passion for health, sports, his children and helping others achieve their goals. Derrick has a BA from Dodt College, Iowa.

Diane beckett

General Manager, Livewell Assisted Living

Diane has over 25 years experience in management and over 7 years experience in the healthcare industry working in various capacities as a recruiter and operations manager. Diane is an expert in the area of aging with grace and has been featured in various publications on the subject matter. Diane has a Bachelors Degree from Brandeis University, MA.

Zack Fraley

Vice President, Livewell Assisted Living

Mr. Fraley has direct responsibility for LiveWell’s business development and marketing efforts which include liaising with existing and prospective referral partners and clients.

Mr. Fraley has been part of the LiveWell team since 2011 when the first LiveWell care home was opened. Prior to relocating back to North Carolina, he worked extensively with LiveWell's founders.

Mr. Fraley received a BA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Sam Zahoor

International Recruitment and Logistics Manager

Sam is the one of the longest serving employees of the company. Sam is one of the initial recruits/manager of the company when it was founded in United Arab Emirates in the year 1991 and he joined our team in California 6 years ago.

Sam brings over 20 years of extensive experience in international recruitments for the health care facilities. Mr. Zahoor has been specialized in recruiting nurses worldwide on behalf of acute care hospitals, assisted nurses in qualifying required examinations, liaised with suppliers, immigration attorneys and hospitals for the smooth transition of nurses from point of hire to their deployment destinations.

Since year 2004, Livewell Care has become a major domestic staffing provider and Sam has successfully managed its travel logistics department, payroll, technology and overall operations. Sam's versatile capabilities allows him to contribute towards IT solutions for company (has been a full fledged software programmer) and actively supports the payroll/billing and accounting departments.

Sam has acquired a BS Degree & Post-Graduate Diploma in Systems Management from a reputed government university in India.

Sam is married with three children, living in San Fernando Valley. Sam loves Beach Volleyball and he has been a leading team member in community sports club. He also enjoys soccer and swimming.

Joyce Ortile

Client Relations Manager, Livewell Home Care

Joyce has over 20 years experience in customer care, healthcare staffing and recruiting and in-home private duty healthcare. Joyce enjoys serving customer and has worked with Livewell Care for 7 years.